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Because a house is not a home without a 

Golden Retriever!

Ask us about domestic pet transport services offering flights to all Australian capital cities 

Full Vet Health Check

Crystal Creek Kennels ensure all puppies are fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, micro-chipped and we also provide you with a 3 year Health Guarantee.


As breeders we understand the importance of  socialising  our puppies and ensure that they all receive daily attention and care.

Audited Regularly

We have regular meetings with Animal Welfare of Victoria and the local authorities to ensure that we are always meeting the strict Code of Practice requirements for the health and well being of all our dogs.

We specialise in breeding healthy, happy well rounded Golden Retrievers for families, singles, couples, from children with special needs, to retirees we have you covered.


Ask us how we can help turn your dreams of owning a Golden Retriever into a reality and blessing your home with one of the best companions ever! 


Golden Retrievers are a fantastic Working and Service dog! ...with some dogs excelling, especially ones that have been thoroughly trained to perform a set of specific tasks in various stressful environments.


Working dogs commonly fall within the following three broad categories:


Working dogs – they perform specifics tasks with excellence

Service dogs – they assist adults and children with needs

Therapy dogs – they provide mental support to distressed people


Golden retrievers have the perfect temperament  and are often associated with assisting humans in their daily jobs. 


Service dogs are offering more of a helping hand to diminish the consequences of a disability. Lastly, therapy dogs are a newer type of working dog helping stabilise people who have or continue to suffer from mental health issues.

Cute Puppy

Breeder Source Number BR115264

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Customer Satisfaction

40 Years of Service

100% Pure Breed

Best Breeding Practices

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